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Where can I find last year's Exam Papers (2017 - 2018)?

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The Exam Papers for the 2017-18 academic year are listed below by Academic School.  Exam Papers for certain modules may be omitted owing to restrictions enforced by the Academic Schools.


Semester 2.

Literacy and Numeracy - XCC-1008; XCB-1008
Core Subject Studies - XCC-3008; XCB-3008
Literacy and Numeracy - XCC-3010; XCB-3010
Non-core Subject Studies - XCC-2009; XCE-2009
Professional Studies 1: Year 1 Bsc Design and Technology (Secondary) - XUC-1041; XUE-1041
Professional Studies 1; Year 1 Bsc Product Design - XUC-1047; XUE-1047
Professional Studies 2: Year 2 Bsc Product Design - XUC-2047; XUE-2047
Professional Studies 3: Year 3 Bsc Design and Technology (Secondary) - XUC-3041; XUE-3041
Professional Studies Studies 3 : Year 3 Bsc Product Design - XUC-3047; XUE-3047

Environment and Natural Resources

Semester 1.

Environmental Management and Conservation (Paper A- Environmental Economics) - DXX-1002
Environmental Management & Coservation (Paper B) - DXX-1002
Earth Systems and Processes - DXX-1005
Water, Air & Soil Pollution - DXX-2002
Climate Change - DXX-2006
Geohazards - DXX-2008
Forest Health - DXX-2017
Environmental Geochemistry - DXX-3001
Forest Ecology - DXX-3301
Food Geography; Geographies of food and drink innovation - DXX-3600;DXX-3601
Coping with a Changing Planet - DXX-3800
Strategic Environmental Management - DXX-4524

Semester 2.
Ecology & Evolution - DNS-1003
Datblygiad Cynaliadwy - DXC-2001
Ecosystem Function and Services - DXX-1001
Forestry in the 21st Century - DXX-1003
Human Geography (Papur Cymraeg) - DXX-1004
Human Geography (English) - DXX-1004
Sustainable Development - DXX-2001
People, Space and Place (Papur Cymraeg) - DXX-2007
People, Space and Place - DXX-2007
Conservation Practice - DXX-2009
Forest and Woodland Management - DXX-2010
Catchment Processes - DXX-2011
Settlement Systems - DXX-3004
Neoliberal Environments - DXX-3017
Forest Ecosystems /Forest Ecosystems & Services - DXX-3212; DXX-3016
Waste Management & Utilisation - DXX-3402
Renewable Energy - DXX-3507
Upland Management - DXX-3708


Semester 1.

Essential Chemistry - FXX-0010
Foundations of Chemistry 1 - FXX-1101
Main Group Chemistry - FXX-2201
Organic Chemistry 1- Reactions and Mechanisms - FXX-2203
Symmetry, Structure and Kinetics - FXX-2205
Pollution and the Environment - FXX-3101
Chemical Biology - FXX-3502
Advanced Physical Chemistry - FXX-3507
Core Organic Chemical Concepts - FXX-3510
Structure and Reactivity (Organic Chemistry) - FXX-4501
Processes at Interfaces - FXX-4502
Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry - FXX-4503
Core Chemistry and Research Skills - FXX-4701
Techniques in Chemical Analysis - FXX-4702
Techniques in Biochemical Analysis - FXX-4707

Semester 2.
Chemistry in Biology and the Environment - FXX-1005
Foundations of Chemistry 2 - FXX-1103
Chemistry of US (Grid) - FXX-1104
The Chemistry of Us - FXX-1104
Transition metal and solid-state chemistry - FXX-2202
Aromatics and Polymers - FXX-2204
Theory of Spectroscopy - FXX-2206
Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis - FXX-3505
General Skills - FXX-3506
Core Physical Chemistry Concepts - FXX-3508
Advanced Organic and Inorganic Chemistry - FXX-3509
Advanced Organic and Inorganic Chemistry - Answer Book - FXX-3509


Semester 1.

Diwylliannau Cerdd byd-eang - WXC-1006

Semester 2.
Diwylliannau Cerddoriaeth Byd-eang - WXC-1006
Music Cultures of the World - WXM-1006

Computer Science

Semester 1.

Computational Thinking - ICP-1015
Database Systems 1 - ICP-1021
HCI & Computer Graphics - ICP-1036
AI for Games - ICP-2025
Introduction to Operating Systems - ICP-2033
Computer Graphics 2 - Algorithms - ICP-2036
Database Systems 1 - ICP-2221
Software Hut - ICP-2302
Computer & Network Security - ICP-3011
Apps Artificial Intelligence - ICP-3025
Operating Systems & Networks - ICP-3033
Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks - ICP-3083
Database Systems - ICP-4121
Information Visualization - ICP-4142
Applied AI - ICP-4152

Semester 2.
Mathematics for Computing - ICP-1016
Computing Fundamentals - ICP-1030
Computer Architecture - ICP-1033
Information Systems - ICP-1043
System Administration and Maintenance - ICP-2002
Computer Networks - ICP-2011
Data Structures & Algorithms - ICP-2027
Databases - Design & Implementation - ICP-2037
Databases - Design & Implementation - ICP-3027
Data Networks & Distributed Systems - ICP-3029
Computer Graphics 3 - Rendering - ICP-3036
Computer Vision - ICP-3038
Internet Tech for E-Commerce - ICP-3123
Tech for Internet Systems - ICP-4123
Distributed Systems - ICP-4127
Virtual Environment & Human Perception - ICP-4133
Information Systems - ICP-4143
Analogue Electronics - IES-2012


Semester 1.

Llen a Llun - CXC-1008
Gwyddeleg Modern 1 - CXC-1030
Beirdd yr Uchelwyr - CXC-2102
Athroniaeth a Llenyddiaeth - CXC-2202
Beirdd yr Uchelwyr - CXC-3002
Medrau Cyfieithu - CXC-3016
Athroniaeth a Llenyddiaeth - CXC-3202
Theatr Fodern Ewrop - CXD-1013
Y Theatr Gymraeg Fodern - CXD-2024
Y Theatr Gymraeg Fodern - CXD-3024

Semester 2.
Beirniadaeth Lenyddol Ymarferol - (Ail iaith) - CXC-1001
Beirniadaeth Lenyddol Ymarferol - (Iaith gyntaf) - CXC-1001
Defnyddio’r Gymraeg - CXC-1004
Llenyddiaeth yr Oesoedd Canol - CXC-1019
Gwyddeleg Modern 2 - CXC-1031
Cyflwyno Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg - CXC-1036
Llên a Chymdeithas 1546 - 1659 - CXC-2026
Datblygiad yr Iaith - CXC-2033
Llên a Chymdeithas 1546 - 1659 - CXC-3026
Datblygiad yr Iaith - CXC-3033

Biological Sciences

Semester 1.

Organismal Diversity - BNS-1002
Evolution & Genetics - BNS-2002
Freshwater Ecosystems 1 and 2 - BNS-3001;BNS-3003
Environmental & Industrial Biotechnology - BSM-4105
Environmental Genomics - BSM-4126
Wetland Classes & Biodiversity - BSM-4132
Wetland Hydrology & Biogeochemistry - BSM-4133
Egwyddorion Bywyd 2 / Principles of Life 2 - BSX-2019
Vertebrate Biology - BSX-2022
Molecular Ecology and Evolution - BSX-3139
Fish Physiology - BSX-3145

Semester 2.
Marine Biotechnology - BSM-4101
Plant Biotechnology - BSM-4103
Wetland Ecosystem Services - BSM-4135
Behavioural Ecology - BSX-2018
Introduction to Herpetology - BSX-2028
Integrative Zoology - BSX-2030
Animal Survival Strategies - BSX-3144
Animal Ethics and Welfare - BSX-3149
Life in a Changing Climate - BSX-3150
Life in Wetlands - BSX-3152
Attack and Defense in Plants - BSX-3154
Ornithology - BSX-3157

Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Semester 1.

Motor Control and Learning - JXH-2020
Sport and Exercise Physiology / Ffisioleg Chwaraeon ac ymarfer - JXH-2024;JXC-2024
Sport Nutrition - JXH-2027
Exercise for Clinical Populations - JXH-3048
Research Methods; Dulliau Ymchwil; Research Skills for Medics - JXH-2016;JXC-2016;JXH-3058
Stress and Performance - JXH-3031

Semester 2.
Biomechanics - JXH-1020
Psychomotor Behaviour - JXH-1027;JXC-1027
Physical Activity and Health - JXH-1028
Health Physiology - JXH-2013
Psychology of Sport Perfromance - JXH-2022

Ocean Sciences

Semester 1.

Marine Ecology - OSX-2009
Ice and Oceans - OSX-2011
Air-breathing Marine Vertebrates - OSX-3003
Coastal Water Processes - OSX-3005
Extreme Marine Habitats - OSX-3011
Palaeoceanography - OSX-3012
Larval Ecology - OSX-3014
Ocean Modelling - OSX-3016
Applied Geophysics - OSX-3017
Sharks and their Relatives - OSX-3020

Semester 2.
Marine Physiology and Behaviour - OSX-2002
Earth and Ocean Observation - OSX-2005
Marine Conservation and Exploitation - OSX-3001
Marine Ecosystems and Processes - OSX-3002
Fish and Fish Biology - OSX-3019

History and Welsh History

Semester 1.

Civil War: England and Wales, 1588-1662 (Level 5 paper) - HGH-2112
Civil War: England and Wales, 1588-1622 (Level 6 paper) - HGH-3112
Rhyfel Cartref America - HTC-2156

Semester 2.
The British Country House since 1750: Decadence and Deference - HSH-3138
‘Gender, Sex, and Society’ - HSH-3146
Native Wales and the Normans - HSW-3019
Experimental Archaeology - HTA-2114
Life on the Edge: frontier society in Roman Britain - HTA-2117
Y Rhyfel Mawr trwy lygaid y Cymry - HTC-2132
Gwladgarwyr a Gwladychwyr - HTC-2151
Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Europe - HTH-2112
Britannia Rule the Waves: the British Empire and the World, 1780-1914 - HTH-2149; HTH-3149
Britain in the Jazz Age - HTH-2150
Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Europe - HTH-3112
Britain in the Jazz Age - HTH-3150
Cymru yn y Byd Modern - HXC-1006
Birth of Modern Europe / Genedigaeth yr Ewrop Fodern - HXH-1002; HXC-1003
War, Society and the Media / Rhyfel, Cymdeithas a'r Cyfryngau - HXH-1009; HXC-1009
Wales since 1789 - HXW-1010

Modern Languages

Semester 1.

French for Beginners & Intermediate Students 1 - LCF-1003;LZF-1003
Ymerodraeth Prydain a Ffrainc - LCF-3301
History in Context - LXE-1700
French Cinema 1895-1950 - LXF-2104
The German Film - LXG-2008
Women in Germany - LXG-3013
The Making of the Italian Nation - LXI-2010
Galician 1 - LXS-2028
Barcelona: a Cultural History - LXS-2035
Reading Contemporary Galician Culture - LXS-3018
French for Beginners & Intermediate Students - LCF-1003;LZF-1003
German for Beginners - LZG-1003
Italian Intermediate - LZI-1001
Italian for Beginners 1 - LZI-1003
Spanish Beginners / Intermediate 1 - LZS-1003

Semester 2.
French Written Language Skills - LCF-1001; LZF-1001
French for Beginners and Intermediate Students 2 - LCF-1004; LZF-1004
French Language Skills - LCF-2040; LZF-2040
French Language Skills (Translation)/ Translation Erasmus French B/ Translation Erasmus French A - LCF-3020;LCF-3030;LCF-3040; LZF-3020;LZF-3030;LZF-3040;LXF-3010;LXF-3011
Race and Immigration in France - LXF-2105
French Cinema Since 1960 - LXF-3106
Dutch II - LXG-2011
East Germany and its Legacy - LXG-3016
History of Galicia - LXS-2024
Galician II - LXS-2029
Chinese for Beginners 2 - LZC-1004
Chinese Language Skills - LZC-2040
German Language Skills - LZG-1001
German for Beginners II - LZG-1004
Gegenwartssprache I - LZG-2040
Gegenwartssprache II - LZG-3020; LZG-3030; LZG-3040
Italian for Beginners II - LZI-1004
Italian Language 1 - LZI-2040
Italian Language 2 - LZI-3020;LZI-3030;LZI-3040
Spanish for Advanced Students - LZS-1001
Spanish for Beginners and Intermediate Students - LZS-1004
Spanish Language - LZS-2040
Spanish Language/(Erasmus) - LZS-3020;LZS-3030;LZS-3040;LCS-3030;LXS-3038

Electronic Engineering

Semester 1.

Optoelectronics - ICM-2014
Signal Processing - ICM-3004
Electromagnetics - ICM-3008
Advanced Optical Communications - ICM-4014
Mathematics 1 - IEA-1001
Mathematical Methods - IEA-2003
Quality, Value & TQM - IED-4066
Circuit Theory - IES-1007
Digital Circuits 2 - IES-2005
VLSI Design Principles - IES-2006
Microelectronics 3 - IES-3002
Control Systems-written (2) - IES-3006
Control Systems-written - IES-3006
Advanced Sensor Systems - IES-4002
Theori Cylchedau - IEW-1007
Digital Circuits & Design 1 - IME-1006
Microelectronics 1 - IME-1009

Semester 2.
Communication Systems - ICM-2008
Information & Coding for Comms. - ICM-3012
Optical Communications - ICM-3014
Mathematics 2 - IEA-1002
Mathematics 3 - IEA-1003
Engineering Analysis: Linear Systems - IEA-2004
Project Planning & Management - IED-2061
Circuit Design / Dylunio Cylchedau - IES-1005;IEW-1005
Microwave System Design Tech - IES-3005
Microelectronics 2 - IME-2009


Semester 1.

Literature of Laughter - QXE-1004
Children's Fiction - QXE-1016
Renaissance and Reformation - QXE-2013
Literature and Modernity - QXE-2027
Beowulf to Malory - QXE-2101
Part One - Listening Comprehension - QXS-1003
Advanced English Grammar and Writing - QXS-1004
Advanced English Integrated Skills - QXS-2001

Semester 2.
Introduction to Medieval Literature - QXE-1003
Jonson to Johnson - QXE-2003
Contemporary Literatures - QXE-2019


Semester 2.

Cyfraith Gyhoeddus - SXL-1110
Public Law - SXL-1110
Cyfraith Contract - SXL-1112
Contract Law - SXL-1112
Cyflwyniad i'r Gyfraith - SXL-1113
Introduction to Law - SXL-1113
Intro to Legal Ethics - SXL-1117
Roman Law & Legal History - SXL-1118
Contemporary Chinese Studies 1 - SXL-1507
Tort Law - SXL-2112
Tort Law -Handout - SXL-2112;SXL-3212
Criminal Law - SXL-2113
Roman Law & Legal History - SXL-2118
Administrative Justice - SXL-2120
Evidence - SXL-2125
Family Law - SXL-2126
Jurisprudence - SXL-2127
International Human Rights Law - SXL-2144
Public Law - SXL-2210
Equity & Trusts - SXL-2211
Contract Law - SXL-2212
Introduction to Law - SXL-2213
Intro to Chinese Legal System - SXL-2506
Cyfraith Tir - SXL-3111
Land Law - SXL-3111
Administrative Justice - SXL-3120
Cyfraith Partneriaethau a Chwmnïau - SXL-3121
Company Law - SXL-3121
Tystiolaeth - SXL-3125
Evidence - SXL-3125
Family Law - SXL-3126
Jurisprudence - SXL-3127
International Human Rights Law - SXL-3144
Cyfraith Feddygol a Moeseg - SXL-3149
Medical Law and Ethics - handout - SXL-3149
Medical Law and Ethics - SXL-3149
Tort Law - SXL-3212


Creative Studies and Media

Semester 1.

Journalism and Risk - UXS-2038
Journalism and Risk - UXS-3038

Semester 2.
History of Journalism and the Public Sphere - UXS-1004
History of Journalism and the Public Sphere - papur Cymraeg - UXS-1004
Global News Agenda - UXS-2076
Global News Agenda - UXS-3076

Philosophy and Religion

Semester 1.

Ethics: Religious Perspectives - VPC-1105
Applied Ethics - VPC-2202
Cyflwyniad I Resymeg - VPR-1301
Introduction to Logic - VPR-1301
Ancient Philosophy - VPR-2300
Kant: Ethics and Epistemology - VPR-2303
Ancient Philosophy - VPR-3330
Kant: Ethics and Epistemology - VPR-3333

Semester 2.
Cyflwyniad i Iddewiaeth a Christnogaeth - VPC-1106
Introduction to Judaism and Christianity - VPR-1106
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion - VPR-1300
Paradoxes of Self: Nietzsche and Jung - VPR-2203
20th Century Philosophy of Religion - VPR-2301
Faith & Reason - VPR-2302
Paradoxes of Self: Nietzsche and Jung - VPR-3303
20th Century Philosophy of Religion - VPR-3331
Faith & Reason - VPR-3332

Bangor Business School

Semester 1.

Cyfrifeg Rheolaeth ac Ariannol - ACB-1110
Economeg CRAIDD - ACB-1300
Principles of Marketing - ACB-2103; ASB-2103
Marketing Communication - ACB-2113; ASB-2113
Cyfrifeg Ariannol 1 - ACB-2515
Dulliau Meintiol (gan gynnwys ADB-1111 Cyflwyniad I Ddulliau Meintiol) - ADB-1101
Cyflwyniad i Fusnes a Rheolaeth - ADB-1103
Tebygolrwydd ac Optimeiddiaeth - ADB-2108
Entrepreneuriaeth, Cyfalaf a’r Economi - ADB-3104
Trethiant - ADB-3212
Quantitative Methods (Including ASB-1111 Introduction to Quantative Methods) - ASB-1101;ASB-1111
Introduction to Business and Management - ASB-1103
Management and Financial Accounting - ASB-1110
CORE Economics - ASB-1300
Law for Business - ASB-1400
Principles of Organisation and Management - ASB-2104
Probability and Optimisation - ASB-2108
Marketing Communication - ASB-2113; ACB-2113
Finance - ASB-2202; ASB-2203
Investement - ASB-2217; ASB-3217
Microeconomics - ASB-2307
Law for Business - ASB-2400
Quantitative Methods for Business - ASB-2411
Operations Strategy - ASB-2416
Management Accounting 1&2 - ASB-2507
Financial Accounting 1 - ASB-2515
Bank Management - ASB-2525; ASB-3525
International Business - ASB-3102
Marketing Strategy and Management - ASB-3103
Entrepreneurship, Capital and the Firm - ASB-3014
Advertising Strategy - ASB-3112
e-Marketing - ASB-3114
International Banking - ASB-3201
Corporate Risk Management - ASB-3204
Adv. Accounting Theory & Practice - ASB-3211
Taxation - ASB-3212
Auditing - ASB-3214
Financial Economics - ASB-3313
Econometrics - ASB-3317
Law for Business - ASB-3400
Brydain a'r Undeb Ewropeaid / Britain and the European Union - ASB-3500;ACB-3500
Advanced Management Accounting - ASB-3507
Industrial Organisation - ASB-3514
Marketing Strategy - ASB-4006
Financial Econometrics - ASB-4108
International Financial Markets - ASB-4403
International Financial Management - ASB-4405
International Banking - ASB-4411
International Strategic Management - ASB-4413
Corporate Risk Management - ASB-4414
Management Research - ASB-4415
Credit Risk Analytics - ASB-4416
Accounting Theory - ASB-4418
Islamic Finance - ASB-4423
International Taxation: Policy & Practice - ASB-4442
Credit and Lending - ASB-4447
Global Brand Management - ASB-4530
Research Methods - ASB-4601

Semester 2.
Introduction to Marketing - ACB-1104; ASB-1104
Management & Financial Accounting - ACB-1110; ASB-1110
Economeg CORE - ACB-1300
Economeg i Reolwyr - ACB-2305
Dulliau Meintiol - ADB-1101
Marchnadoedd a sefydliadau ariannol - ADB-1202
Marketing Research - ADB-2109; ASB-2109
Systemau Gwybodaeth Busnes - ADB-2112
Trethiant - ADB-3212
Quantitative Methods - ASB-1101; ADB-1101
Introduction to Marketing - ASB-1104; ACB-1104
Management and Financial Accounting - ASB-1110
Financial Markets and Institutions - ASB-1202
CORE Economics - ASB-1300
Law for Business - ASB-1400
Marketing Research - ADB-2109; ASB-2109
Statistical Methods - ASB-2110
Business Information Systems - ASB-2112
Finance - ASB-2202
Economics for Managers - ASB-2305
Macroeconomics - ASB-2308
Law for Business - ASB-2400
Law for Business - ASB-2401
Personal Finance - ASB-2415
Management Accounting 1&2 - ASB-2507
Corporate Governanace and Regulation - ASB-2508
Evolution of Management Thought - ASB-2511
Bank Management - ASB-2525; ASB-3525
Marketing of Services - ASB-3107
Strategic Management - ASB-3109
Operations Management - ASB-3111
Money and Banking - ASB-3206
Financial Statement Analysis - ASB-3208
Advanced Corporate Finance - ASB-3210
Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice - ASB-3211
Taxation - ASB-3212
Auditing - ASB-3214
Advanced Investment Theory and Practice - ASB-3215
Macroeconomics - ASB-3301
Behavioural Finance - ASB-3309
Law for Business - ASB-3400
Comparative Public Administration - ASB-3501
Advanced Management Accounting - ASB-3507
Investment Banking - ASB-3512
Advanced Consumer Psychology - ASB-3513
Bank Management - ASB-2525; ASB-3525
Finance for Managers - ASB-4007
New Venture Creation - ASB-4010
Research Methods - ASB-4101
International Financial Markets - ASB-4103
Management Research - ASB-4115
Bank Financial Management - ASB-4402
Financial Analysis - ASB-4406
Financial Econometrics - ASB-4108
Market Risk Analytics - ASB-4417
Advanced Financial Reporting and Regulation - ASB-4419
Management Accounting - ASB-4420
Islamic Banking - ASB-4424
Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management - ASB-4425
Islamic Accounting & Financial Reporting - ASB-4427
Islamic Insurance - ASB-4428
Mergers and Acquisitions - ASB-4437
Consumer Behaviour in a Global & Digital World - ASB-4440
Current Issues in International Finance - ASB-4441
Financial Ethics and Regulation - ASB-4446
Management and Innovation of Government and Non-Profit Organisations - ASB-4516
International Marketing Communication - ASB-4521
Marketing Analysis - ASB-4523

Medical Sciences

Semester 1.
Clinical Science in Practice - MSE-1018
Human Immunology - MSE-2014
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry - MSE-2025;MSE-2008
Applied Physiology - MSE-3010
Microbiology and Human Disease - MSE-3014
Haematology - MSE-3015
Pathophysiology - MSE-3016
Medical Genetics - MSE-3017
Micropathology - MSE-3021
Human Molecular Genetics - MSE-4040
Stem Cells in Disease and Development - MSE-4043
Applied Anatomy and Histopathology - MSE-4051

Semester 2.
Clinical Anatomy - MSE-2013
Medical Microbiology - MSE-2019
Cell Biology - MSE-2020
Applied Anatomy - MSE-3009
Clinical Physiology - MSE-3010
Clinical Biochemistry - MSE-3018
Diagnostic Cellular Pathology - MSE-3019
Drug Development - MSE-3020
Clinical and Applied Physiology - MSE-4021
Human Immunology & Disease - MSE-4041


How many items am I entitled to borrow – and for how long?

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Our standard loan periods are:


Number of items

Standard loan period



4 weeks

Graduate students

(masters and research)


4 weeks

University staff

(academic and support)


4 weeks

External Borrowers


2 weeks



How do I locate a thesis including a non-Bangor thesis?

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You can search for past Bangor University Masters and PhD dissertations using Library Search. Search under the Bangor University Library Collections scope, type in a keyword (e.g. Psychology, Banking or Biochemistry etc.) and then limit your search by ticking the Theses box under Resource Type from the Refine my Results menu on the right, and then clicking Apply Filters.


Make a note of the number and take it along with the author and title details to the customer services desk.  Our staff will then retrieve the thesis for you from a locked room.  Please note all theses are for use in the library only.


A number of Bangor University PhD Theses that have been uploaded to the University's Digital Repository are available to access electronically through Library Search, the library catalogue.


If you want to consult a UK doctoral research thesis from another University, you can search the British Library’s Ethos (Electronic Thesis Online Service) webpage which gives you access to abstracts of over 300,000 UK doctoral theses including full text access to almost 100,000.


Where can I find past exam papers?

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Go to the library catalogue (Library Search)

Search under the Bangor University Library Collections scope and type the module title or module code (make sure you include the hyphen)

Click on the Online Access link and from the next screen, Click on the Official URL.  You will be prompted to enter your Bangor University username and password before you can download the paper


Can I make a request for a book that's available in the library?

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If a book is available in the Library, you cannot make a request for it, you will have to retrieve the item yourself from the Library shelf.

If a book is out on loan, you can recall a copy by following the procedure in this link

Book Collection Service for students requiring additional support

If a need for the Book Collection Service is listed on your PLSP (Personal Learning Support Plan), you may request that desk staff collect your books from the shelves and bring them to a library customer services desk. You will need to email the library at with the book details before 4p.m., and they will be ready for collection by 10a.m. the following day.


Am I allowed to photocopy pages for my own use from books and journals?

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Yes, you can copy extracts from most books, journals, conference proceedings and law reports as long as there is only a single copy for your own private individual use, and it is within the defined extent limits.

  • Up to 10% or ONE chapter of a book
  • Up to 10% or ONE article from a single issue of a journal
  • Up to 10% or ONE report/case from judicial proceedings
  • Up to 10% or ONE paper from a set of conference proceedings
  • Up to 10% of an anthology or ONE short story/poem of no more than 10 pages


Please consult our Copyright FAQs for further information.


How can I donate my books to the library?

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Please click here for details


How do I locate books on the shelf?

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Once you have found your item listed on Library Search, you need to note which library stocks the item (Main, Deiniol, Normal, Welsh, Maelor etc.).  The location should tell you which library stocks the item and in which section within that library it will be located (pamphlet, large book, journal etc.).


The books are kept in Library of Congress classification order. The call numbers begin with a letter and run alphabetically with each broad subject grouping allocated its own letter.  The letter and number that follow the first letter narrow down the subject. No two books have exactly the same call number.

How and where do I bind my dissertation?

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You can have your dissertation bound at the University Bindery which is located on the Normal Site on Holyhead Road.  Click here for further details. 


What can I do without signing in?

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You can:

  • Search the Catalogue (Live Search)
  • Use ‘Library Chat’ to ask a reference question online

What are Boolean commands?

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These are commands which allow you to combine search terms to broaden or limit your search. The terms supported in this catalogue include AND, OR, NOT and NEAR.

  • AND combines two or more keywords, limiting your search, for example:
    Peacocks AND Paradise will produce results containing both these search terms, e.g. Peacocks in Paradise.
  • OR will produce results with either search term in the title, broadening your search, for example:
    Peacocks OR Paradise will produce results including Peacocks in Paradise and Paradise Lost.
  • NOT will exclude a term from your search, making your search more specific, for example:
    Milton, John NOT Paradise Lost will produce a list of works by Milton not including Paradise Lost.
  • NEAR will produce results where your search terms are within five words of each other, for example:
    History NEAR Britain will produce a list of results including Geoffrey of Monmouth, The History of the Kings of Britain

Your Academic Support Librarian would be able to help you with any aspect of your search strategy.  Please email or telephone us to ask for assistance


How do I request Interlibrary loans?

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If the Library does not have the item you require, and it is deemed essential to your research or study (note the service is subsidised by the Library and Archives Service) we will try to obtain it as an inter-library request through the following process:

From the library catalogue Library Search click on the Sign In link in the top right hand corner of the page.


            Process 1. To request Journal and Newspaper Articles and Conference Proceedings


First ensure that you are searching under the Everything scope and type your article title in to the search box. Click the tick box for Also show results without Full Text access under the Refine my Results limiter on the right hand of the screen as highlighted below

If the Library does not have access to your item, you will find a No Full Text link beneath the title, click on that link and it will reveal another link to request a copy through Inter-library Loan

Clicking this link will open up an auto-filled request form. Please ensure that the article details are correct.  Select which library you would like to collect the article from (most articles are supplied electronically but we occasionally receive physical copies)

Finally, at the bottom of the form you will find a copyright declaration statement that you will need to have read and agreed to by ticking the box. Submit your request by clicking the Request button


         Process 2.  To request Books and Theses


Ensure that you are searching under the Bangor University Library Collections scope and type in your book title in full. Please make sure that all the words are spelt correctly.  It also helps to place Inverted Commas "" around the title.  If you are searching for a generic title (e.g. "Financial accounting"), it would also help to add the author's name.

If the library does not hold a copy of your book, you will see an option to Request Via Inter-library Loan / More Books.  This will open a request form for you to input your book details. Please select the Book tab and type in all the information you have about the book including Title, Author, Year of Publication and ISBN and the click Submit


        Process 3 If you are unable to locate your requested material in the library catalogue


If you fail to locate and request your item through the methods above, you can contact us to submit your request at



What is the Research Reserve and how do I request items?

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The Research Reserve is the Library’s offsite storage facility where lesser used resources are housed. If you find an item on the library catalogue (Library Search) that is located in the Research Reserve, it is possible for you to request that item and it should be delivered to the branch library of your choice within three days. There are separate methods for requesting Books and Journals.  

  1. The procedure for requesting a book:

First of all, to enable all features of Library Search (the library catalogue) you will need to sign in by clicking on the Sign in link in the top right hand corner of the page and entering your University assigned username and password.

When you find a book listed as being available at the Research Reserve, to request the book, you will need to click on the Available at..... link.

This should reveal a Request Options button. Click on the button and a request form will appear.

You must specify which Library you would like the item delivered to, then simply click Request.


   2. The procedure for requesting a journal:

First of all, to enable all features of Library Search (the library catalogue) you will need to sign in by clicking on the Sign in link in the top right hand corner of the page and entering your University assigned username and password.

When you find a journal listed as being available at the Research Reserve, you will find a Request button alongside the list of available volumes.  In the example below, to request Volume 183, you need to Click the adjacent Request button.

The following request form will appear confirming which volume you are requesting.  You will need to specify which Library you would like the item delivered to, then simply click Request.


The item will then be collected for you and delivered to your selected library within 3 days.


Can I use other libraries?

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Students can register with the Sconul Access scheme which can give you access to participating University Libraries throughout the UK.  Staff and Postgraduates are generally offered borrowing privileges at participating libraries whilst undergraduates are largely restricted to reference use only. 


Bangor University also participates in the Linc-y-Gogledd scheme which is a reciprocal borrowing scheme between Public Libraries and Further and Higher Education Institution Libraries across the whole of North Wales where you can request items to be delivered to your own Library from participating Libraries.


Bangor University students can also make use of Glyndwr University Library in Wrexham to borrow and return items in person.  To borrow in person at Glyndwr, you will need to print out a Linc-y-Gogledd application form, have it filled in, stamped and verified by your home library.  You then need to present the form at Glyndwr Library, along with your Bangor University student card, where you will be issued with a borrower card that will allow you to borrow 2 items for 2 weeks at a time.


Click here for further details 


I have lost a library book, what should I do?

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If you have lost an item from the Library, we will expect you to pay a fee to cover the cost of purchasing a new copy plus a fee to cover the processing cost.  It is not acceptable for you to provide your own replacement copy.  Please report any lost books to the customer services desk and the staff will process a bill for you which will be added to your library account.


What is short loan?

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To cope with the heavy demand for particularly popular books, a Short Loan Collection is available in each of the University branch libraries. 

The Short Loan collection consists of books that are set as essential reading by teaching staff for their modules. As these items are in heavy demand they have a shorter loan period than ordinary items. 

All short loan items are listed on the library catalogue as having “1 Day or 3 Day Short Loan" as their location and can be found on the regular library shelves in all branch libraries other than Deiniol, where they are held in the Short Loan room. Please ask for assistance if you are unable to find these.

Please note: Short Loan items do not automatically renew and incur heavy fees for late return.

Periods and penalties

Short Loan Period               Penalty
24 hour loan                         £2.00 per hour for first two hrs and then 50p for a part of any hour thereafter
3 day loan                            50p per day


What are the benefits of using ‘Advanced Search’?

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Your search can be carefully tailored, using Boolean commands.


How do I use wildcards and truncation when searching?

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Wildcards stand in for missing characters. They are useful if you want to search for variant spellings.

  • Use ? when you want to specify the number of missing characters; use as many ?s as there are missing characters, for example: colo?r will find colour and color but not collector.
  • Use * to represent an unspecified number of missing characters, for example: colo*r will find colour, color, collector etc.
  • You can use truncation at the beginning and end of words, for example: librar* will find library, librarian etc. librar? will only find library. *arm will find farm, harm, charm etc.

Your Academic Support Librarian would be able to help you with any aspect of your search strategy.  Please email or telephone us to ask for assistance.


Can members of the public use the University Library?

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Bangor University Library operates an open door policy and welcomes members of public to use the library during regular opening times (9am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 12pm – 5pm at weekends).

Should members of the public wish to borrow from our collections, they can do this free of charge by joining through the Linc-y-Gogledd scheme.

Graduates of Bangor University can request library access by emailing the Alumni Office.

If you are a registered student or member of staff at another participating University, including the Open University, you may also join through the Sconul Access scheme.

Nurses, midwives and radiographers employed by the NHS in North Wales can also apply for membership by producing a pay slip or contract to confirm their employment at a Customer Service Desk.

Anyone not included in the above categories can join as an external borrower upon payment of a security deposit and annual subscription. Contact the Customer Services Manager for further details.

All of the External Borrower categories above are entitled to borrow up to 6 items for 2 weeks and can make use of our self-service photocopying facilities.  Access to our computers and most electronic resources however, is restricted.

External Borrowers are also entitled to access some of our Electronic Resources through our Walk-in Access service, although certain restrictions do apply.  Please click here for further information about Walk-in Access.


I am a visiting academic / honorary fellow / retired member of staff, can I have access to the library?

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If you are a visiting academic or honorary member of staff, your department will make an ‘access to services’ request on your behalf, when your visit is for 6 weeks or more. If your visit is a shorter one we will accept an introductory letter from the department to which you are affiliated which explains the reason for your visit, the length of time you will be with us, and who you are working with.


Access to retired staff is at the discretion of the library.


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