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Where can I find past exam papers?

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Go to the library catalogue (Library Search)
Limit your search to Bangor search and type the module code



Click ‘view online’ and from the next screen click on the official URL. You will be prompted to enter your Bangor Username and password before you can download the paper.



How do I request Interlibrary Loans?

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Seamless Inter Library Loans via our 'Library Search' system

If the Library does not have the item you require, and it is deemed essential to your research or study (note the service is subsidised by the Library and Archives Service and is expensive) we will try to obtain it as an inter-library request through the following process:

From the library catalogue click on the Sign In link in the top right hand corner of the page.

To search for items not held at Bangor, ensure that you are searching under the Everything tab and click the tick box for Also show results without Full Text access under the Expand my Results limiter on the left had side of the screen.


Type in the title of the article or item that you are looking for.  When the item appears, click on the In Library link and this should open up a link to request the item through Inter-Library Loan.


When you click on the Inter-Library Loan Request link an auto-filled request form will appear.  Please ensure that the details of your request are correct


You will need to select which library you would prefer to collect your loan from:


Finally, at the bottom of the auto-filled form, you will find a copyright declaration statement that you will need to have read and agreed to by ticking the box. Submit your request by clicking the Request button.

If you are unable to locate your requested material in the library search catalogue, please send your request via email, giving as much details as you can of the item, to



Can I use the e-shelf to save and export searches and references?

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The e-shelf is a personalised area of the Library Search interface, where you are able to store a list of books and articles and search strategies.  You will need to login to Library Search to enable all features.  Once you have items on your e-shelf the contents can be sorted into individual folders.  You can also add personal notes to the item records, to help you keep track of quotations you’ve used or chapters you need to study, etc.  The lists can easily be export into reference management tools such as Refworks, Mendelay and Zotero. (NB: Your personal notes would not be exported).

To add items to your e-shelf from your search, click on the little star that appears before the title of your selected item and the star will turn gold.


You can view the contents of your e-shelf by clicking on the link in the top right hand corner:

You can view your selected items, create folders and export lists from here:

Please note: In order to access the e-shelf you need to sign-in to your library account.

What can I do if I sign in to Live Search?

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Here are a few of the benefits you gain when you are signed in to Live Search:

  • You can search the library catalogue and access online resources.
  • You can save items from your results list to your e-Shelf (embed link to ‘what is e-shelf) by clicking on the small star in front of the title.


You can also save search queries that you have performed, for future use.  You do this by click on ‘Save query’ which is found on the top left hand side.


  • Set alerts for your queries. You can set a query to become an alert, that is, to run automatically and send you email notification once it locates new items answering your search criteria.  This can be done by clicking on ‘Save query’ then completing the pop-up window.
  • Access external licensed resources off campus. The library provides access to expensive full text resources, wherever you are.  
  • Place recalls and make requests.

How do I use the catalogue to find resources in the library?

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Library Search, the University’s Library Catalogue is the key to finding resources in the Library. Library Search is divided into 4 search tabs;

Everything Searches all the collections, both print and electronic and can be expanded to include citations where no full text access is available

Bangor Search Searches for all materials held by Bangor University including books, e-books, bibliographic databases, journal titles, DVDs and CDs.

Articles search Searches for journal and newspaper articles as well as conference proceedings and images

Research Output Searches for material published by Bangor University staff and researchers from the digital repository e-bangor

To find books, you should click on the “Bangor Search” tab rather than the default “Everything” tab. Type as much information as you have about your book into the search box including words in the title and the author name, then press search.

When you find the item in Library Search, if it is available to borrow, it will show a green dot and an Available at status with the location listed. Click on the In Library tab to view multiple copies. Note down the location and call number to help you find the book on the shelf.  The location will tell you in which library you will find the book and in which section.  The call number is the system we use to find the book on the shelf.

If your search has retrieved too many items, you can refine it by limiting to (for example) items housed in a particular library, or those published after a given date.

You can also limit your results to e-books only, by performing your search as above and then using the filters on left of the screen, Resource Type: Books and Show Only: Full Text Online

If you want to find items on a particular reading list for a certain module, you can do this by clicking on the Reading Lists link in the top right corner of Library Search and then typing in your module title or module code.


What am I searching when I use ‘Library Search’?

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The search scope defines where the system should perform the search. A default search scope (tab) is set to search ‘everything’.  However, you can change the scope of your search by selecting a search scope from the drop-down list.

•    Library Search is a gateway which allows you to search across a wide range of resources and discover items held in our print and online library collections.  These collections include print and online books, print and online journals.  It also includes the contents of the University Repositories, which contain research outputs, exam papers and Doctoral theses.
•    Articles is a gateway which allows you to search across an immense range of resources.  In addition to the resources subscribed to by Bangor University, this search covers a vast range of full-text material available in the wider academic community.   If you want to expand your search to include results that do not contain full text, use the ‘Expand my Results’ option on the left side of the screen.


•    EBSCO Platform  (included within Article Search)
When you run a search in Articles, your results will include articles from the Ebsco Platform.  However, the Ebsco results will not feature in the number of hits shown in brackets.  


It is not currently possible to refine the search results for Ebsco content via Articles.  In order to run searches that can be refined, you will need to either search the full EBSCO Platform or search the specific database (all of which are listed in Bangor Search:

CINAHL (full-text)
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (full-text)
Religion and Philosophy Collection (full-text)
Philosophers Index
Historical Abstracts
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
European Views of the Americas
eBook Collection (full-text)
Teacher Reference Center
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature



How do I renew my books?

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  1. University Staff and Registered Students
  • The Library system will auto-renew all your eligible loans seven days before they are due.
  • This will happen early in the morning.  An email will be sent to your university email account to let you know if the renewal has not been successful. 
  • Items that have not been renewed must be returned by the due date, otherwise you will be fined. 
  • Fines for overdue recalled items will remain at £1 per day, per item.
  • There is a limit of 14 renewals and once that is reached the items must be returned to the library to prove you have not lost or damaged the item.
  • Short loan (24 hours and 3 days loans) are exempt and will not be automatically renewed.
  • Recalls - Books can be recalled at any time.  You might get a recall notice from the library, even if you’ve only had the book for a few days. In this case, the original due date will be cancelled and the notification will contain a revised return date.  It is important to check e-mails regularly / every day to avoid being fined.

Please note: If your library fine exceeds £10 or you have an overdue recalled item (an item requested by another user), your books will not automatically renew.  


  1. External Borrowers including LINC y Gogledd and Sconul Access members
  • If you need to keep your loans for a longer period, you can renew your books at any time, provided that another reader has not made a request for your books, you have no unpaid overdue charges or there is a problem with your library membership. 
  • You can renew your books, manage your account, view holds and unpaid charges by signing in to Live Search. You will need to consult a member of library staff to set up a password first.
  • Once you have had a password created, click on the Sign in link in the top right hand corner and sign in as Other Users using your library card number as your User ID and password
  • You can also renew your own loans using the self-service machines, at a library service desk or by telephoning the Library desk on (01248 382983). Remember that you will need your library card for this. Please click here for more information


Renewal requests should never be e-mailed, as we cannot guarantee to read your message in time to prevent overdue charges being applied to your account.

How do I recall an item that is out on loan?

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You will need to ‘sign in’ to Library Search to enable this feature

  • When you have identified an item in your search that is currently out on loan, you can recall it by clicking on the title, to open up the record.
  • When the record is open, it should default to the ‘In Library’ tab, where you will see the option ‘Request’.
  • When you click on this link you will be prompted to complete the request.
  • You will need to select which Library branch you would like to collect the item from.
  • The return date will automatically be adjusted and the item will be recalled for you.