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What are Boolean commands?

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These are commands which allow you to combine search terms to broaden or limit your search. The terms supported in this catalogue include AND, OR, NOT and NEAR.

  • AND combines two or more keywords, limiting your search, for example:
    Peacocks AND Paradise will produce results containing both these search terms, e.g. Peacocks in Paradise.
  • OR will produce results with either search term in the title, broadening your search, for example:
    Peacocks OR Paradise will produce results including Peacocks in Paradise and Paradise Lost.
  • NOT will exclude a term from your search, making your search more specific, for example:
    Milton, John NOT Paradise Lost will produce a list of works by Milton not including Paradise Lost.
  • NEAR will produce results where your search terms are within five words of each other, for example:
    History NEAR Britain will produce a list of results including Geoffrey of Monmouth, The History of the Kings of Britain

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