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How do I request Interlibrary Loans?

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Seamless Inter Library Loans via our 'Library Search' system

If the Library does not have the item you require, and it is deemed essential to your research or study (note the service is subsidised by the Library and Archives Service and is expensive) we will try to obtain it as an inter-library request through the following process:

From the library catalogue click on the Sign In link in the top right hand corner of the page.

To request items not held at Bangor, there are two separate procedures to follow, one for Journal and Newspaper Articles and Conference Proceedings process (1.), the other for Books and Theses process (2.).

     1.) To search for Journal and Newpaper Articles and Conference Proceedings:

First ensure that you are searching under the Everything tab and click the tick box for Also show results without Full Text access under the Expand my Results limiter on the left had side of the screen.


Type in the title of the article or item that you are looking for.  When the item appears, click on the In Library link and this should open up a link to request the item through Inter-Library Loan.


When you click on the Inter-Library Loan Request link an auto-filled request form will appear.  Please ensure that the details of your request are correct


You will need to select which library you would prefer to collect your loan from:


Finally, at the bottom of the auto-filled form, you will find a copyright declaration statement that you will need to have read and agreed to by ticking the box. Submit your request by clicking the Request button.

        2.) To search for Books and Theses:

Ensure that you are searching under the Bangor Search tab and type in your book title.  Please make sure that all your words are spelt correctly.

If the Library does not hold a copy of your book you will see an option to Place a Request.  This will open a request form for you to input your book details.  Please select the Book tab and type in all the information you have about the book including Title, Author, Year of Publication and ISBN then click Go.

This should take you to page where you can either suggest that the Library purchase a copy (More Books) or request a copy through Inter-Library Loan. 

Click on the Inter Library Loan Request link and it should open up a request from with all your inputed details;

You then just need to select which library you would like to collect your book from and agree to the copyright terms by clicking the box and then click Request.


If you are unable to locate your requested material in the library search catalogue, please send your request via email, giving as much details as you can of the item, to



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