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What am I searching when I use ‘Library Search’?

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The search scope defines where the system should perform the search. A default search scope is set to search ‘everything’.  However, you can change the scope of your search by selecting a search scope from the drop-down list at the end of the search box or as they appear when you type in your search terms.

•    Library Search is a gateway which allows you to search across a wide range of resources and discover items held in our print and online library collections.  These collections include print and online books, print and online journals.  It also includes the contents of the University Repositories, which contain research outputs, exam papers and Doctoral theses.
•    Articles Search is a gateway which allows you to search across an immense range of resources.  In addition to the resources subscribed to by Bangor University, this search covers a vast range of full-text material available in the wider academic community.   If you want to expand your search to include results that do not contain full text access, use the Also show results without Full Text access under ‘Refine my Results’ option on the right side of the screen.

  • EBSCO Platform (included within Article Search)

When you run a search in Articles Search, your results will include articles from the EBSCO platform which includes ATLA, CINAHL and RILM. However, the EBSCO results will not feature in the number of hits shown in brackets and will disapear if you apply filters under Refine my Results.

In order to run searches that can be refined in EBSCO, you will need to either search the full EBSCO Platform or search the specific database.

To find EBSCO databases in the library catalogue, search for the following database titles under the Bangor University Collections Scope in Library Search:

ATLA Religion Database

CINAHL with Full Text

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature



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