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Can I save lists of books and articles or searches and export their references?

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Once you have signed in to Library Search by clicking on the Sign in link in the top right hand corner of the screen

You can save lists of books and articles by clicking on the pin icon that appears after the item's title and Pinning to Favourites

To then view your Pinned items, click on the Pin icon in the top right hand of the screen, next to your name

This will reveal a list of items that you have saved under My Favourites

If you would like to group your items into folders, click on the Add Labels link and you will be prompted to create a title for your label; Add new label. In the example below, we have created a label entitled Childhood Obesity

You will then see the label appear beneath the item you selected.  A list of the labels you have created can be seen on the right under Labels

To add subsequent items to your label, click on the Add Label link beneath the title and it will give you an option to add to an exisiting label through clicking the + icon or create a new label


You can remove labels from selected items by clicking on the pencil icon and clicking the X

The searches that you perform whilst signed in are automatically saved under your Search History in My Favourites

You can choose to save a search by clicking on the pin to the right of the search, it will then appear under Saved Searches

You can easily delete Saved Records and Saved Searches by clicking to unpin your selection

Your Search History can be deleted by clickin the dustbin icon

To export records, you can either select individual records to export or click on the select all box at the top to select all items or all items grouped by a label

Then click on the three dots "..."

And you will be given a list of export options


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