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Can I request accessible format copies of library materials?

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Can I request accessible format copies of library materials?

If agreed as part of your PLSP (Personal Learning Support Plan), you can request to obtain an accessible format copy of a source material. The accessible format copy is usually provided in the form of a pdf download.

The pdf text you receive can then be run through the SensusAccess software system to convert it into a suitable format that meets your needs. Please contact disability services if you need help with using the SensusAccess system.

SensusAccess can convert documents into a range of different formats, including audio books,  e-books and digital Braille.

Please be aware that the pdf download that you receive is for your own personal use, you should not share these documents with anyone, as they will be protected by copyright.

We will check the availability of the book through RNIB Bookshare in the first instance, if unavailable there, we will then attempt to request a copy from the publisher. This process can take some time as we are reliant on the publishers to provide the service.

Please note that the Library must hold a print or e-book copy of the text before we can request an accessible version, and we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to obtain a copy of the book for you.

You can make a request for accessible format materials by completing the application form here

If you have any questions about accessible format materials, please email us here.

You can view the library’s Accessibility Support page here.



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