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What are Journals and Journal Articles and how do I search for them?

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Journals, also often referred to as Periodicals, Serials or Magazines, are usually made up of a collection of peer reviewed articles written by academic authors which tend to be just a few pages in length.  They are an important and very authoritative source of information focussing on specific topics and offer the most recent research conducted and written by experts, for experts.

Journals are published on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) with printed journals being published in issues or parts.  At the end of each year all the issues/parts for that given year are bound together in to one volume.

Most journals are now published electronically but the traditional method in which the articles are arranged, in parts and volumes, remains.

To check whether the library subscribes to a particular journal, in Library Search, the library catalogue, first make sure that you are searching under the BU Library Collections search scope. Type in a journal title and hit search. You may need to apply limits to your search such as Resource Type: Journals and limit to either print or electronic by selecting Show Only: Available in the Library OR Online Access.

Remember that you can use the library catalogue to search for journal titles as well as for the articles contained in the journals.

There is also an electronic Journal search facility above the main search box on the library catalogue labelled ‘Find E-Journals’


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