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Does the library charge fines for late return of items?

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If you return books after the return date (or after any new return date set by a recall e-mail), you will need to pay a fine. These are applicable to ALL categories of borrower. 

Fines are charged at the following rates:

  Items recalled by other borrowers

  £1 per day

  Overdue items from the short loan collection 24 hour  loan

  £2 per hour for the first 2 hours and then 50p for a part of any hour thereafter

  Overdue items from the short loan collection  3 day  loan

  50p per day


  Ordinary loans (that have exceeded their auto-        renewal limit)

  20p per day


  Research Reserve journals

  20p per day


Auto Renewals

Regular 4 week loan items borrowed by Bangor University staff and students will automatically renew for 4 weeks at a time, 7 days before they are due to be returned.  Please note however that loans are limited to 14 renewals. Once that is reached the loans will stop renewing automatically and the items must be returned to the library.

Short loan (24 hours and 3 days loans) and loans to external users (LINC-y-Gogledd and Sconul Access etc.) are exempt and will NOT be automatically renewed.

Renewal Exceptions

You may not renew any item if:

  • it is required by someone else
  • you have unpaid overdue charges
  • there is a problem with your library membership
  • you have reached the 14 auto-renewal limit

If your fines mount up to more than £10 you will not be allowed to borrow any more items until you have reduced your debt.

Fines may be paid on the spot or at a later time convenient to you.  Credit/debit card facilities are available for payment ONLINE via your library account.  Follow instructions here

Lost Items

If items are lost, damaged or defaced, you will be charged the replacement cost, plus a £10.00 handling charge.


Users may be eligible for their library fines to be waived under special circumstances. 

A consultation form on which a case can be made is available here

Please include full details of the amount you are disputing and the items involved - you can find this information by accessing your library account.

Evidence to support your claim may include: An email receipt from the self-issue kiosk, a medical certificate / hospital appointment card, or a written statement from your school administrator.  These should be submitted along with the form to speed up the process.

Forms should be handed to a library staff member at the Customer Services desk.


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