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How do I access e-resources (including e-books, e-journals and e-databases)?

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Accessing e-resources at Bangor University:

Bangor University's Library Service subscribes to an extensive range of electronic resources which includes e-books, e-journals and e-databases. All these resources should be available for staff and registered students to use on or off campus.

For guidance on using our electronic books, please click here.

To access our collections of e-journals and e-databases you will need to search the Library Catalogue.

The Library Catalogue is subdivided by four search scopes (the four options that appear as you type in your search terms and can be selected from the drop down menu to the right of the search box)

  • Everything
  • BU Library Collections
  • Articles Search
  • Bangor E-Resources


The Articles search scope will search across the library’s subscription of electronic journals and more returning results that include journal articles, newspaper articles and conference proceedings.

The BU Library Collections scope searches across physical items we hold in the library, books (including e-books), journals by title, thesis, audio-visual materials etc.

The Everything search scope will search for a combination of the materials in the other two scopes.  You can limit the results to electronic resources here by selecting Online Access, under Show Only under the Refine my Results list on the right of the screen.

The Bangor E-Resources search scope searches for e-books, e-journals, databases and a number of digitised Bangor PhD Theses,


If you are specifically looking for journal articles, it is recommended that you use the Articles Search scope but be aware that as the library catalogue searches across all our subscribed journals and databases, you are likely to return a large number of results.

Fortunately, the catalogue also offers limiters for you to refine your searches so that you can limit to a specific date range, resource type (journal article or newspaper article) and subject.

If you are still returning too many results, you should look at using extra keywords or perhaps review your search terms.


To download an article from your results, you can click on the Download Article where it appears.


Occasionally, the Download Article link may not appear, with this you will need to click through to the publisher’s page through the Online Access link.


You may also occasionally find that the article is provided from more than just one publisher/provider. Just make sure that the date ranges covered by those providers correspond with the date your article was published.

You will then have to search the page to find the link for the PDF download.



If there is a specific electronic journal that you would like to view or search, you can either type in its title into the search box, or you can click on the Find E-Journals from the links above the search box


This will take you to our Browzine page where you can search for your journal by title or ISSN in the search box or browse our electronic journals collection by subject.