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Can I request inter-library loans materials during the Coronavirus crisis?

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The Inter-Library Loan service is continuing to operate but in a limited capacity. We can supply items that can be delivered electronically such as journal articles and book chapters, but given that only a limited number of libraries are currently offering to lend print resources, some requests for print items may be unobtainable or delayed


We will contact you to let you know if we cannot fulfil your request and offer you a chapter scan as an alternative.  Any print materials that we are able to source will be made available for you to collect through our Click and Collect service.


If you only require a specific chapter in a book, please give the chapter details, including title, page numbers and authors where applicable, when making your request (the chapter details can be added to the note field of the online book request form). We will then attempt to acquire a digital copy for you if the book is held electronically by one of our partners.


If you need a whole book, and we are unable to obtain a copy, you can submit a request through our More Books service. If we decide to purchase the book based on your suggestion, we will then attempt to purchase it electronically.


The process for requesting inter-library loans can be viewed here.


if you have any questions or concerns, you can email our inter-library loans team at


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