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What do the different LibKey Nomad buttons mean?

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Several different Nomad buttons can appear depending on the availability of the article: Below are the explanations provided by Third Iron:

Great news! The library has this item and we can instantly download the PDF Full Text in one click.

Great news! The library has this item and we can link you directly to the article page, where you can access the full text.


Great news! There is an open access version of this article available for free online. Note this may not be the final, published version of the article.

Access options

Your can request the library obtain this article for you via Inter-Library Loans or digitisation.

View Complete Issue - You can browse the Table of Contents in which this article was originally published. This is helpful for finding additional, relevant articles. This link will take you to the journal's table of contents in your library's E-journal A-Z platform.



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