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Where can I find past exam papers?

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Go to the library catalogue (Library Search)

Search under the Bangor University Library Collections scope and type the module title or module code (make sure you include the hyphen)

Click on the Online Access link and from the next screen, Click on the Official URL.  You will be prompted to enter your Bangor University username and password before you can download the paper


How many items am I entitled to borrow – and for how long?

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Our standard loan periods are:


Number of items

Standard loan period



4 weeks

Graduate students

(masters and research)


4 weeks

University staff

(academic and support)


4 weeks

External Borrowers


2 weeks



How do I locate a thesis including a non-Bangor thesis?

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You can search for past Bangor University Masters and PhD dissertations using Library Search. Search under the Bangor University Library Collections scope, type in a keyword (e.g. Psychology, Banking or Biochemistry etc.) and then limit your search by ticking the Theses box under Resource Type from the Refine my Results menu on the right, and then clicking Apply Filters.


Make a note of the number and take it along with the author and title details to the customer services desk.  Our staff will then retrieve the thesis for you from a locked room.  Please note all theses are for use in the library only.


A number of Bangor University PhD Theses that have been uploaded to the University's Digital Repository are available to access electronically through Library Search, the library catalogue.


If you want to consult a UK doctoral research thesis from another University, you can search the British Library’s Ethos (Electronic Thesis Online Service) webpage which gives you access to abstracts of over 300,000 UK doctoral theses including full text access to almost 100,000.


How do I request Interlibrary loans?

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If the Library does not have the item you require, and it is deemed essential to your research or study (note the service is subsidised by the Library and Archives Service) we will try to obtain it as an inter-library loan for you. You can make your request through the following process:

From the library catalogue Library Search click on the Sign In link in the top right hand corner of the page.


            Process 1. To request Journal and Newspaper Articles and Conference Proceedings


First ensure that you are searching under the Everything scope and type your article title in to the search box. Click the tick box for Also show results without Full Text access under the Refine my Results limiter on the right hand of the screen as highlighted below

If the Library does not have access to your item, you will find a No Full Text link beneath the title, click on that link and it will reveal another link to request a copy through Inter-library Loan

Clicking this link will open up an auto-filled request form. Please ensure that the article details are correct.  Select which library you would like to collect the article from (most articles are supplied electronically but we occasionally receive physical copies)

Finally, at the bottom of the form you will find a copyright declaration statement that you will need to have read and agreed to by ticking the box. Submit your request by clicking the Request button


         Process 2.  To request Books and Theses


Ensure that you are searching under the BU Library Collections scope and type in your book title in full. Please make sure that all the words are spelt correctly.  It also helps to place Inverted Commas "" around the title.  If you are searching for a generic title (e.g. "Financial accounting"), it would also help to add the author's name.

If the library does not hold a copy of your book, you will see an option to Request Via InterLibrary Loan.  This will open a request form for you to input your book details. Please select the Book tab and type in all the information you have about the book including Title, Author, Year of Publication and ISBN and the click Submit

The book details should then appear, click the "Inter-library Loan Request" link to request:

Select your preferred library for collection, tick the copyright box and click request.

You can check to see that your request has been succesful by clicking on My Library Account and selecting the Requests tab.


        Process 3 If you are unable to locate your requested material in the library catalogue


If you fail to locate and request your item through the methods above, you can contact us to submit your request at



Can I make a request for a book that's available in the library?

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If a book is available in the Library, you cannot make a request for it, you will have to retrieve the item yourself from the Library shelf.

If a book is out on loan, you can recall a copy by following the procedure in this link

Book Collection Service for students requiring additional support

If a need for the Book Collection Service is listed on your PLSP (Personal Learning Support Plan), you may request that desk staff collect your books from the shelves and bring them to a library customer services desk. You will need to email the library at with the book details before 4p.m., and they will be ready for collection by 10a.m. the following day.


How do I use the catalogue to find resources in the library?

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Library Search, the University’s Library Catalogue is the key to finding resources in the Library.  Library Search is divided into 3 search scopes Everything, Bangor University Library Collections and Articles Search.

The relevant search scope can be selected either from the drop down menu at the end of the search box

or by selecting the relevant scope that appears beneath the search box as you type in your search terms

Everything: Searches all the collections, both print and electronic and can be expanded to include citations where no full text access is available

Bangor University Library Collections: Searches for all materials held by Bangor University including books, e-books, bibliographic databases, journal titles, DVDs, CDs, theses, exam papers and music scores

Articles search: Searches for journal and newspaper articles as well as conference proceedings and book chapters

To find books, you should select the "Bangor University Library Collections" scope, Type as much information as you have about your book into the search box including words in the title and the author name, then press enter.

When you find an item in Library Search, if it is available to borrow, it will display an Available at status with the location and call number listed. Click on the Available at link to view multiple copies. Note down the location and call number to help you find the book on the shelf. The location will tell you in which library you will find the book and in which section.  The call number is the system we use to find the book on the shelf.

If your search has retrieved too many items, you can refine it by limiting to (for example) items housed in a particular library, or those published after a given date.

You can also limit your results to e-books only, by performing your search as above and then using the filters on the right of the screen, Resource Type: Books and E-Books and Show Only: Full Text Online

If you want to find items on a particular reading list for a certain module, you can do this by clicking on the Reading List link on the left side of the Library Catalogue home page and the typing in your module title or modle code.



How do I find books in the library?

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Searching for a book in Library Search (the library catalogue)

In order to find books in the library, you will first need to type the title of the book into Library Search (the library catalogue) to find the location and call number.  For books, ensure that you are searching under the BU Library Collections scope

Once you have found your item listed, you need to note which library stocks it (Main, Deiniol, Normal, Welsh, Maelor, Law etc.).  The location (Available at) should tell you which library stocks the item and in which section within that library it will be located (book, pamphlet, large book, journal etc.).

You can click on the ‘and other locations’ to view if other libraries hold a copy:

In this instance there is one copy available at Deiniol Library > Book

and two copies at Normal Site Library > Book

Once you have noted the library and location make a note of the call number, as this is what you will need to find the book on the shelf.

How to read call numbers

Libraries use call numbers to organise books on the shelves. The call numbering system we use (Library of Congress) uses a combination of letters and numbers so that books on the same topic are grouped together. This means that when browsing the shelves, you will find other useful books on the same topic nearby.

The call numbers begin with a letter and run alphabetically with each broad subject grouping allocated its own letter.  The letter and number that follow the first letter narrow down the subject.