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How do I use the self-check machines?

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You will need your student card to use the self-issue machines.  The screen offers two buttons, one button for Borrowing, Account Information and Renewing items, whilst the other is for Returns.  In order to borrow, you should ‘log in’ to the machines by holding your access card, face up, so that the beam reads across the barcode. 


Once logged in, to borrow the books you need to place your books on the panel in the centre of the shelf.  The machines can issue several books at a time if you place them in a small pile on the shelf. You can also use the machines to check your account information, how many books you currently have on loan, if any are overdue, if you have any outstanding holds or items to pick up.  You can also renew your books using the machines by choosing to select individual titles via the tick boxes or renewing all.


When returning books you do not need to scan your card, the machine will already know that the books are on loan to you. Items must be returned one at a time.  The display will show whether you need to place the book on the returns trolley or to place books in the ‘exceptions’ bin (items to be sent to other libraries or ones that have been requested by other borrowers).


Please make sure that you log out at the end of each session by pressing either the Print Receipt or the No Receipt button!!  If you do not log out then there is a possibility that the next person to use the machine may borrow their books on to your card.  


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